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Squirrels may not seem a problem in the garden apart from raiding your bird feeders and digging up your flower borders. If they stay there, most people will tolerate them. Unfortunately, their agility and resourceful nature will often bring them into conflict with us by chewing through bargeboards and soffits to get into roof spaces. Whatever happens if you think you have squirrels in the roof do not ignore the problem because within days they can cause untold damage to electrical wiring, plumbing, personal possessions, and loft insulation.

The first reaction to squirrels in the roof is to try and block them out. This can often be futile as they can chew their way back in within a couple of days. Once they know there is a warm dry nesting place they will want to stay there and bring up their young free from predation or the elements.

To resolve the problem there are only two legal methods approved for use, the first poisoning is the last resort for a number of reasons. Being able to predict where it will die is impossible and Secondly, we don’t know if we have killed them all until they stop taking the bait. The poison, whole wheat that has been soaked in an anticoagulant poison called WARFARIN @0.02%, M.A.F.F. no: 01009. This is the only poison bait allowed by law to be used on Grey Squirrels and is only obtainable by qualified pest controllers.

We prefer the more humane method of trapping and removing from the roof space. It is illegal for anyone to trap a grey squirrel and release it alive elsewhere. For this reason we do not recommend live catch squirrel traps, because once caught you have to remove and kill the squirrel anyway causing it unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Our squirrel traps are instant kill Kania traps designed specifically for this purpose. They will guarantee to kill any squirrel instantly and humanely without any stress or possibility of escape. Once all the squirrels have been removed from a roof or garden then the necessary proofing work to deter other opportunistic squirrels can be carried out.