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Domestic Pest Control Charges

These charges apply from 1st April 2023 and include VAT.

We may offer some concessionary rates to residents who are clearly in financial need but this is strictly at the discretion of the contractor.

The charges listed below are offered to all domestic residents. Some additional costs for mileage may be applied outside Harborough District Area.

There is a standard call out charge of £40.00 where we visit your property and no treatment is subsequently required or we advise the client. This fee is already incorporated into the charges for treatment below.

Normal rate HDC Customers

Rat & Mice Treatments

Minimum of x 2 visits required

Emergency rate for same day treatment

£50.00 per visit 

£70.00 for first visit

Wasps nests £80.00 per nest
2nd nest treated on same property at same time. £50.00 per nest
Emergency same day £90.00 per nest
Powder nest with residual insecticide or quick knock down spray
Flea treatments £85.00 per treatment
2nd treatment if required £60.00 per treatment
Emergency same day treatment £120.00 per treatment
Spray residual insecticide on all floors or fumigate (minimum re-entry for fumigation 5 hours)
Bed Bugs £145.00 per treatment

(max 2 bedrooms)

Emergency same day treatment £150.00 per treatment
Spray bed frames and floors with residual insecticide
Cockroaches £96.00 1st visit
£60.00 2nd & subsequent visits
Emergency same day treatment £120.00
Bait or spray with insecticide
Squirrels £50.00 per visit
minimum of x 2 visits
Quick kill spring trap placed in roof or garden to humanely dispatch squirrel
Ants £85.00 1st visit
£65.00 2nd & subsequent treatment if required  
Residual insect powder on nest and or bait
Cluster flies £120.00  up to 3 bed property 
4 bed property and above POA  
ULV roof space insecticide fogging machine and spray windows with residual insecticide
Fabric moths £135.00 up to 4 bed property
£240.00 5 bed property and above
Spray all carpeted floors and fumigate property (fumigation takes 5 hours for safe re-entry)