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Cockroach infestations will often cause some distress to the homeowner or food business, in both cases they can cause financial loss and represent a significant health risk to those that eat and prepare food from the property.

There are three main species found in the uk which are commonly found in premises, Oriental German or American cockroaches, where they are found will often determine the species as some like it hot and others prefer humid so they will often be found in cellars, hot boiler rooms, kitchens, launderettes and sub basement areas. They are mainly nocturnal and require a constant supply of water or food with a high water content.

To control cockroaches requires a methodical planned approach involving a thorough survey of premises, sometimes including neighbouring properties when dealing with flats or terraced properties as cross infestation often occurs. Treatment failure or an inability to eradicate is often associated with pockets of infestation not identified at the survey stage.

Gel Baiting is the preferred method these days and is the fastest and most convenient to businesses and domestic premises as it causes less upheaval or inconvenience to occupiers. In severe infestations it is often used in conjunction with a residual spray treatment if necessary. Thorough cleansing of the area is desirable and ensures faster control and eradication of any infestation. We will also monitor clearance progress by using sticky monitor traps in order to ensure infestations are under control rapidly and efficiently.