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Estate / Rural Pest Control

We supply a variety of bespoke pest control solutions for Country Houses, Estates, Farms and Leisure facilities such as Golf courses, Equestrian centres, Stables and smallholdings.

Country Houses

Our pest control solutions currently cater for large country houses with internal pests such as Rodents, Fabric pests, Cluster flies, Wasp nest and bees. We can provide preventative control and proofing solutions for all these pests and also carry out one off treatments to eradicate infestations. With a variety of monitoring solutions now available there is now less risk of losing valuable items to damage or contamination.


For large farm estates we can provide preventative rodent control to ensure stock feed, pheasant pens, farm buildings, and grain storage are protected from infestation. All our programmes are tailor made to our customers requirements based on our initial free survey report to ensure a solution is found to suit the business needs.


To assist in farm assured schemes and farm hygiene our preventative rodent control programmes and infestation clearance service will ensure that rodent problems no matter how regular will become a thing of the past. Farms do not have to have rodent problems and they can be controlled providing there is a commitment to hygiene, proofing and preventative measures. Whether it is a grain store, dairy, livestock or arable farm we can set up a prevention programme that will keep rodents out and protect valuable assets. High tech farm machinery can be easily damaged by rodents gnawing wiring looms and memory boards in just a few hours. Insurance cover rarely covers rodent damage howsoever caused so it just isnt worth leaving it to chance.

Leisure facilities

All buildings surrounded by open countryside and water courses are at risk from rodent infestation and subsequent damage to stock, machinery and equipment. All rodent programmes can eradicate pests but only the best can ensure they are kept out for good. Don’t assume once they have been eradicated they won’t come back, our bespoke rodent prevention programmes designed to you specific needs will ensure you no longer have to worry about expensive equipment down time due to rodent damage. A wiring loom on a tractor or mower costs thousands to replace and can be written off in one night by a single mouse or rat.

Our preventative pest programmes are a valuable insurance policy against costly repair and replacement charges of your priceless items or expensive equipment. Call our office now to arrange a free assessment and survey of your business and home.