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Domestic Pest Control

Even the cleanest of homes can get pests, its nothing to be ashamed of, they are all blatant opportunists. They are only there because you are providing something they need, food and water, shelter or warmth. Your only mistake is that unknowingly you have probably made it easy for them in some way or another. If you don’t know how they got there, or why, then you may struggle

to get rid of them or worse get them again. That’s where we come in….

You can rest assured that we are trained and equipped to deal with any size problem from treating an entire property for Rodents, A dangerous wasps nest, Bed Bugs, Ants, Moths, Cockroaches or Squirrels. We have access to products only available to trained professionals that are licensed and safe to use in your home. This ensures the most effective removal of pests from your premises, and with the range of services we can provide including free advice as to how they got there and how to stop it in future we can remove the risk of re-infestation in most cases.

As well as removing pests we offer a range of services to prevent pests causing a problem in the first place, so if you have a business or property with rodent problems ie Rats in drains or your roof space we can install quick and easy solutions to exclude them from any drain defects in your sewerage or storm system (See Rats and Mice page)