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Cat, dog and bird fleas are the most common species found in domestic or office premises. They will often feed on humans when the original host animal/bird is no longer present. They can be carried on clothing to other buildings and properties but will rarely thrive unless another host animal is found. Infestations can quickly get out of control in the right conditions and can cause significant discomfort to occupants as flea bites often cause minor infections followed by bleeding or itching. Most common areas adults are bitten are the ankles and lower legs and on children arms and face so early treatment is always recommended.

Control is normally achieved using residual water based insecticides. These days they are odourless and dry rapidly leaving dry particles of insecticide on the carpets to ensure longer term control. Fleas will lay eggs in carpet fibres and the insecticide wont kill them until they hatch out so vacuuming is not recommended for at least 7 days following treatment.

Eradication is usually achieved following one treatment but in severe cases or where the host animal has been untreated or revisiting infested areas second treatments can often be necessary.