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I have bites on my whole body and blood stains on the bed sheets.

This is normally associated with bed bugs. One of the worst problems to get in your property these insects can be passed on from one household to another by clothing suitcases, second hand furniture, previous occupants etc. If you see these signs then call our office for a quote, the treatment normally involves spraying all the bed frames, rooms and skirting boards. They are often a difficult insect to eradicate as they dislike light and will hide themselves in every crack and crevice available. ie power sockets under furniture, inside bed frames, wardrobes and electrical items. Therefore it is not uncommon to require more than one treatment.

The insects will emerge at night once the host is in bed and bite you in your sleep, it is often to be expected that the host will then move to another bed or downstairs. Once abandoned the bed bugs will leave the area and search for another one in the house, unfortunately this will usually be he occupant of the next bedroom so don’t put off treatment as it will only get worse and become ever more expensive to eradicate. We charge per room and per treatment to be as competitive as possible for our customers.