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New Rat exclusion device for drains released

Midland Environmental have been successfully trialling a new rodent exclusion device for sewage and storm drains which has performed extremely well in comparison to other early models. Being more robust, made of stainless steel, rot and gnaw proof with the minimum of moving parts to go wrong. We are now pleased to announce that we are confident of its use and can recommend it to our customers. The exclusion device (see below fitted to a 4″ sewage drain) works like a one way cat flap, lifting only to allow sewage and fluids to flow freely downstream into the main sewer from your house but preventing rats pushing the flap the other way. This excludes rats from your entire domestic system if fitted correctly. With many applications this device can now provide relief to all those households who have rats appearing in toilet bowls, escaping from broken drains into your house, under floorboards, roof spaces and cavity walls. It can also resolve the issue of rat holes appearing around defective inspection chambers or manholes in your garden. Whichever problem you have this device prevents rats getting access to and escaping from any defect in the first place, saving thousands on costly repairs, cctv surveys, regular pest control treatments, bad smells etc.

We now provide a full survey, report, map of drain routes and recommended places to site the device(s) and will fit for a fraction of the cost of those repairs, so why delay, get rid of that problem once and for all.


This customer had rats in her roof space escaping from drains. It was impossible to determine whether they were escaping from the sewage or storm drains and the cost would have been excessive. We fitted three of these stainless steel devices to prevent rats access to any part of her domestic sewer and storm water system. You can see the one way flap that allows water and solids to flow through but preventing rats getting access upstream to the domestic sewer. The cable is attached to the manhole cover to allow the device to be removed safely if necessary.

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