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Metex – New Ratwall Mk 2 released

New improved Ratwall released for improved stability and installation.

Following feed back from their approved installers Metex have lengthened the body of the Ratwall to improve its stability within clay and salt glazed pipes. The advantages of this makes the new Ratwall the most robust, long lasting and effective device on the market. Beating all its rivals and now an even better product for preventing rats getting into your property.


And we should know, over the last five years, we have fitted them all !

Many clay pipes are uneven and often fitted in a recessed position in the manhole chamber, preventing a smooth stable fit for most devices. The new Ratwall model with the extended body allows it to sit comfortably without adjustment into the pipe, regardless of any brick overhang or recess issues.

We are delighted with the uptake and success of the product and can now finally resolve many of our customers problems with confidence where rats are getting into their properties from defective drains . Many drain defects cannot be accessed or found using CCTV, or accessed for repair, without major disruption or cost. This product can save you thousands in expensive drain repairs.

If you have a similar problem with Rats in a wall cavity, Rats in the roof, Rats under the floor or Rats in your drains, then call us now we have the solution for a fraction of the cost and usually cheaper than a CCTV camera survey.

95% of rat problems in roof spaces, cavity walls, under floor cavities of houses or buildings are caused by defective drain systems in one form or another!

The image to the right shows a Ratwall fitted on the downstream side of an 110mm Osma plastic drain in a new build property . The customer having had rats in her roof and wall cavities since she moved in 3 years ago was beyond despair when she called us for help last November. Since we surveyed her drains and fitted the Ratwall she has not seen or heard a single thing since…..To say she is delighted and over the moon would be an understatement!

The blue rat bait blocks shown in the photograph were placed in the manhole, behind the Ratwall to eradicate any remaining rats in the system after fitting.

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