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Being Bitten By Fleas in Your Home?

Are you being bitten around the ankles and seeing little dark bugs hopping at your feet and all over the carpets? Is your pet scratching a lot?  Sounds like you may have an infestation of fleas.

Over the last two to three weeks, we have had a great number of calls from people who have large numbers of fleas in their homes. In some cases we can put it down to the long wet summer, but often it is due to pet owners falling behind or forgetting to treat their pets with flea and tick medication. Fleas can also enter your home if you look after a pet for someone while they are on holiday or if your own pet mixes with other animals that have fleas.  A single flea is capable of laying 20 eggs at any one time so an infestation can occur very quickly.

If you have a flea problem, it often best to go straight to a professional. We have come across many  people recently who have spent money (often a lot) in supermarkets and veterinary surgeries on treatments that do not work for them. With a professional pest controller you are paying for their expertise as well as the chemicals. When you book with us we will provide advice to effectively prepare your home and make the most of your treatment.

An adult cat flea is only 2mm long, and has very long hind legs for jumping.