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I have rats in my roof space/cavity walls/under floorboards why?

This is often caused by broken drains under or beside the house. Rats are incredible at burrowing and they can expoite the tiniest of gaps in a sewage pipe under the house. Many houses settle as they age with the ground beneath drying out over the years. This can often cause plastic drain pipes to ease out of joints and sockets leaving a big enough gap for rats to escape. Older clay glazed pipes can crack or collapse over time. Other reasons can be a new extension over old drains that were not designed to bear the weight, disused branch pipes incorrectly capped off, or not sealed at all, manholes covered over and collapsing under new patios or decking. There are numerous ways this can happen and we have seen them all! The easiest solution over costly CCTV Surveys or digging up floors and gardens is to fit a rat exclusion device (see rats & mice page) which will exclude the rats from your entire domestic system thus preventing them from finding the defect in the first place. Result…No more rats ! Call us for advice it is not expensive and often as cheap or cheaper than a CCTV Survey let alone a repair.

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