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Domestic Pest Control Charges

Corona virus update for all Harborough District Council Customers

 Covid 19- Coronavirus epidemic.

Due to the lockdown and in the interests of keeping our customers and staff safe the service is now being run on a skeleton service for Rats, Mice and Wasps nests only where we can exercise social distancing or treat infestation externally.

We currently are not providing a service for other pests but are happy to advise residents wherever we can. For general enquiries for other pests please contact us via email in the first instance and we will respond as soon as possible.


The charges listed below are offered to all domestic residents. Some additional costs for mileage may be applied outside HDC area.

You must quoteCode HDC”  to our staff when booking to obtain HDC discount.

Please note that since April 2012 there is no longer a free service for rodent control and we receive no funding from HDC for this service, we continue however to offer the lowest cost service to residents and still provide concessionary rates to those on low incomes under contract with HDC.


Concessionary rates for HDC Customers only apply to the following ;

Please note that concessionary rates only apply to the person who is the owner of the property or legal tenant (not relatives or dependents living with them)

  • Guaranteed pension credit
  • Income support
  • Income related job seekers allowance
  • Income related employment support

prices include vat

Please Note there is a call out charge of £35.00 for identification of a pest only or where any bee species is misidentified as wasps. This call out charge will include advice and a survey as to the best way to resolve the issue.

Normal rate HDC Customers Concessionary rate HDC only
Rat & Mice Treatments £40.00 per visit £20.00 per visit
Emergency rate for same day treatment £40.00 additional charge for the first visit only
Wasps nests £72.00 per nest £45.00 per nest
2nd nest treated on same property £36.00 per nest £30.00 per nest
Emergency same day £90.00 per nest £66.00 per nest
Powder nest with residual insecticide or quick knock down spray
Flea treatments £65.00 per treatment £40.00 per treatment
2nd treatment £42.00 per treatment £30.00 per treatment
Emergency same day treatment £96.00 per treatment £96.00 per treatment
Spray residual insecticide on all floors or fumigate (minimum re-entry for fumigation 5 hours)
Bed Bugs £110.00 per treatment

(max 2 bedrooms)

£80.00 per treatment
Emergency same day treatment £150.00 per treatment £150.00 per treatment
Spray bed frames and floors with residual insecticide
Cockroaches £65.00 1st visit £40.00 1st visit
£42.00 2nd & subsequent visits £30.00 2nd & subsequent visits
Emergency same day treatment £84.00 £84.00
Bait or spray with insecticide
Squirrels £36.00 per visit No concessionary rate
Quick kill spring trap placed in roof or garden to humanely dispatch squirrel
Ants £60.00 1st visit No concessionary rate
£35.00 2nd & subsequent visit  
Residual insect powder on nest and or bait
Cluster flies £90.00  up to 3 bed property  No concessionary rate
 4 bed property and above POA  
ULV roof space insecticide fogging machine and spray windows with residual insecticide
Fabric moths £100.00 up to 5 bed property
£140.00 5 bed property and above
Spray all carpeted floors and fumigate property (fumigation takes 5 hours for safe re-entry)